Global server locations for optimal speed and online presence

We've selected 20+ server locations worldwide to ensure both local and global performance and low latency. Remember that the VPS location you choose plays a crucial role in your success. Picking the wrong location might affect your performance, SEO rankings, and productivity. Remember, the right VPS location can significantly impact your success.

Worldwide location coverage | Asia, Europe, Middle East & The United States

Redundant network design

The best server locations with low latency and multi-network transits

Locations for minimal latency

Select your VPS at the ideal location. Server latency is crucial, as proximity to the data center ensures faster connections.

Get the best location for your lowest latency

Providing 20+ locations worldwide

Network latency is the time it takes for data to travel between two points on a network and is an essential factor when choosing a VPS server location. Low latency is essential for traders because it reduces the time it takes to complete orders, leading to faster and more profitable trading.

Geo-location is important

Geo-location is also an essential factor when selecting a server location. For example, If a trader’s market is in London, choose the closest data center location (our London, Frankfurt, and New York locations are close to the local exchange markets). it makes sense to place the server closer to that location to reduce latency and improve response times. Another example is website hosting; choose the location of your largest customer base and cover it with multi-locations or a good CDN solution. It will help with SEO rankings.
Server network latency
Network monitoring

Redundancy network design

We prioritized implementing network redundancy and reliability. Our enterprise-grade redundant network design includes network failover, independent network transits, separate switches, routers, and infrastructure. This ensures that if one network or device fails, the other can take over quickly and provide continuous service locally and internationally.

Designed for Optimal Control

Our network is built on high-performance hardware to provide a reliable and secure server experience. Our global network lets customers easily connect to their desired server, ensuring maximum uptime and performance. Our team of experts is available to help customers find the perfect server for their needs, whether for gaming, streaming, or hosting. With, customers get the best of both worlds – the power of a virtual private server and the flexibility of the cloud.

20+ locations around the world

Worldwide data center locations

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I select the nearest VPS server location?

You can use the map on this page to choose your best server location. When deploying your server, it's possible to choose your location in the order section.

Are all VPS server locations available for all services?

Not all locations have the same capacity and performance (NvME versus SSD). In the order process, we are displaying the difference options.

Do different VPS locations have different pricing tiers?

Yes, different VPS locations may have different pricing tiers. Mostly based on bandwidth and expensive locations in Asia.

Will I have full control over my VPS server in different locations?

Yes, you will have full control over the software and services, regardless of the location.

Do VPS servers offer dedicated IP addresses?

Yes, VPS servers offer dedicated IP addresses unique to the VPS server. You can order additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for a small fee.